Ways we help

The Fund offers grants to our members and their immediate family to help them during difficult times in their lives. Every situation is different, so please call us, we are here to help.

Newly bereaved partners

Facing financial hardship – lump sum grant up to £6,000.

Illness and injury

Emergency special grants to help with unforeseen costs, specialist equipment, modifications to your home, and help with travel costs for hospital admissions or visits.

Physical and mental health challenges

Grant funding for respite breaks, physical fitness equipment, and activities to promote recovery and sustained wellbeing. This may include social, physical fitness, and creative opportunities.

Retirement hardship

Retired members and their partners eligible to apply for support. Grant awards have made life changing improvements for our most vulnerable pensioners.

End of life

Support for families such as respite holidays, modifications to the home, specialist equipment, and funding for relatives to stay near the hospice or hospital.

Links to other welfare organisations

Including the Police Federation, NARPO, XDANDCC, the Force Welfare Unit, the Gurney Fund, and Age Concern.

Unexpected financial hardship

Grant funding for specialist financial advice to create a path back to financial stability, which in turn supports overall mental and physical health.

Children who have lost a parent

Yearly educational grants of £2,250 per child until age 21 (while in full time education).

As a member of SWPCF, you and your family will be treated with dignity and respect. Your privacy and confidentiality will always be a high priority whenever you need to contact us.

Only members and their family can apply for financial assistance. Nobody can predict what life has in store, so it makes sense to provide lifelines such as the SWPFC to support each other in times of need. We help our fund members every week, and are saddened by the number of calls we receive about officers in crisis who we’re unable to help because they are not members.

It’s our mission to spread awareness of the fund, and the essential work we do, as well as the importance of joining. We also aim to ensure that every officer joins the fund in the hope that they’ll never need us, and with the reassurance that we’re here to help if something should ever happen.

In 2019 the SWFPC awarded
in grants to our members and their families during their times of greatest need.