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Becoming a member is quick and easy, and we hope all current and future serving officers in our constabulary will join us in our mission to support their fellow officers. For the price of a pint of beer every month, you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and the wider police community.

Membership overview

Membership is open to all serving police officers of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.
We encourage joining the fund at the time of appointment to the Constabulary as a serving officer.
Any serving officer who is not yet a member of the Fund can join at any time, at the discretion of the trustees. However, the current rules for these members place a 12-month moratorium on eligibility to apply for funding.
Student police officers who are not fund members are welcome to join. We offer 2 years free membership on the understanding they begin contributing at the end of this period.
Members continue to make monthly donations throughout their service and subsequent retirement to retain membership. In exceptional circumstances, free membership may also be extended to a member at the discretion of the Trustees.
The rules of the fund including membership criteria may be subject to change when agreed by the board of trustees.

As of 1st January 2021, the monthly membership donation is £3.30pcm. This, along with grant awards, is subject to review by our trustees. For more information please contact our administration team.

Any sworn police officer of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary who is not yet a member of the Fund can download an application form. Complete the forms and submit them to the fund administrator here. All applications are subject to our terms shown above.

The fund is a registered charity (Reg Nos. 1191281 & 1191281-1) and is recognised by the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

Online registration

Become a member by registering online today with the form below.
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1. I would like to support the Devon & Cornwall Widows’, Orphans and Compassionate Fund. 2. I hereby authorise the deduction of the monthly donation currently set at £3.30 from my SALARY or POLICE PENSION and for the donation to be subject of Gift Aid. 3. I understand that I must have paid enough Income Tax and/or Capital gains tax to cover all gift aid charitable donations I have made in any given tax year. 4. Student Officers - *I understand that I will not pay any donations until I have completed my two-year probation period. 5. I understand there is a 12-month moratorium on making an application to join the Fund in mid service or in my retirement, and if I stop contributions my membership will cease. Monthly donations may increase in the future.

Offline registration

By becoming a member gain access to life giving support for you and your loved ones.
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